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Feng Shui Tips You Can Use for Your Home This 2016

2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey.  Follow these feng shui tips from experts to guarantee that your home would attract good fortune, luck and prosperity this year.

Where to start to bring in luck this Year of the Monkey?  Start at your front door.  Clean your entrance to welcome all the good luck that will come into your home. Make sure this area is clean, well-lit and inviting.

home entrance

 Buying decoration charms like a monkey bar, monkey king or an inviting cat is one of these year’s feng shui tips as they are believed to attract prosperity in our home.

chinese decor

Light nine incense sticks every 9 a.m. This ritual will eliminate any negative vibes from your home because positive energy is at its peak at nine in the morning.

incense sticks

Display items or furniture made of wood like bamboo decors, bamboo window shades or wicker chairs as wood attracts good fortune.

wooden furniture

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