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Enjoy A Fun-filled Lifestyle at the South

When looking for an experience that is definitely fresh, original and one of a kind, Vista Malls can without a doubt provide this kind of need most especially when you are living in the south. There are lots of exciting commercial establishments in the area that people must go and check out like.

Vista Malls have three major commercial developments in the south which are Evia Lifestyle Center which encompasses three master planned residential properties such as Portofino, Ponticelli and Cerritos; Lakefront Boardwalk which is a perfect hang out place for both families and teenagers, and Lakefront Wharf which is a 60 hectare property that has a three storey building that includes all your dining, shopping, entertainment and certain service needs.

Vista Malls Evia Lifestyle Center

Experience a different kind of living in the south along with Vista Malls’ expansion and enjoy total convenience as everything is simply within your reach, and all in one complex. Aside from the fun and ease that these properties can bring, it also allows you to take pleasure in seeing nature up close because when you are in Lakefront Wharf, you get to see the spectacular views of Laguna de Bay as well as the Sierra Madre mountains.

Vista Malls Lakefront Wharf

Finding events places in the south is no longer a concern as these three big projects are already available in town. More than offering great assistance to answer all your needs from shopping, dining, service and entertainment, these enormous properties are also an ideal place to hold an event whether personal or private such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and the like or different corporate functions, the south has now something to offer.

Vista Malls Lakefront Boardwalk

Feel how it is to live in the south and experience modern living especially now that the latest huge developments are in place to give residents a great amount of comfort by providing one- stop complexes where you can accomplish all your needs and obligations. Being here does not only let you enjoy urban living, but also makes you live close with nature and allows you to enjoy and appreciate your natural surroundings as well.