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Do You Know The Best Haircut for 2016?

This 2016, aside from updating your closet, you may want to consider updating your looks as well. A new haircut often does the trick, but before you visit your favorite salon located in Alabang malls, check out some of the haircut trends for this year.

Visit Your Favorite Salon at Malls in Alabang

Before you visit your favorite salon and instruct your hairdresser to cut an inch or two from your hair and give you fabulous bangs, here are some tips:

1.    Know your hair texture. If you have wavy hair, bangs may not work very well for you. Although having them may be in, they don’t necessarily look good on everyone, so make sure to check if they’d look good on you first.

2.    Go for the Gatsby look. Short layered hair with short layered bangs may work, for some.

3.  If you’ve always had straight long hair, it may be time to go for a new ‘do this 2016. Straight long hair tends to look plain sometimes, so why not try something bold and go for a geometric haircut for a change?

4.    Curly hair with bangs? Why not? This style would look great on the young and hip, but if you are well into your 50s, you may want to think twice about it.

5.    The sleek and polished shoulder-length cut is a classic hairstyle that will never really go out of style. If you want a safe yet fashionable haircut that goes well with any age, then better go for this style.

Ask your Hairdresser at Your Favorite Salon in Alabang Malls

Long and textured layers are still in for 2016, but if you’ve been sporting the same hairstyle for the past two years, you may want to ask your hairdresser for some advice on a new look you could try. Your hairdresser should be updated on the trends, but he must also know the perfect cut for your hair texture that will also complement the shape of your face. If you don’t have a salon that you regularly visit, most malls in Alabang have two or three salons to choose from. Surely, you’ll find the right place that will give your crowning glory that perfect look.

Bold Hair 2016

Bolder Hair Fashion Trends at Malls in Alabang

If you are the adventurous type, here are some bold hairstyle trends to try.

1.    The high-top haircut looks so ‘80s, but it’s making a comeback.

2.    Super short hair. Well, this solves the problem of high hair maintenance. You’ll definitely save on shampoo and conditioner, too.

Before you visit a salon in Alabang malls, and before you get too excited and instruct your hairdresser to start chopping off from your hair, remember that some hairstyle trends may not complement your look. You may want to try cutting off a few inches from your hair first to see how it will look like instead of going from long hair to super short hair just like that. Once chopped off, your hair won’t be able to grow back right away should you not like the outcome of your cut, so make sure you won’t regret whatever you decide to do with your hair. Here’s to great hair days this 2016!

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