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Cut The Years Off: Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Young

How you style your hair says a lot about your mood. A simple bun for an easy and lazy weekend, a center part hair tied in a low chignon for a classic evening look, a bouncy ponytail for a sporty Tuesday, or soft wavy hair for a seductive Saturday evening. But aside from moods, hairstyles for women also depend on the events of their lives. Sometimes, the matters of the heart can lead to a day of frolicking in the beauty salon for a new haircut, which sometimes symbolizes a new beginning after a breakup.

Regardless of the reasons on why you want to cut your hair, another decision that you should carefully make is how your new ‘do will look like. The first thing that you will probably look for is the fad or the ‘in’ hairstyle, or perhaps the style that your favorite celebrity sports. But not all hairstyles will complement your looks since you have to consider your lifestyle, the shape of your face, and the texture and type of your hair. Another thing to consider is if the hairstyle will make you look your age or if it can even make you look younger.

Soft Curls and Fringe Hairstyles To Look Younger

Soft curls give a good balance of control and chaos. Wear your soft layered tendrils loosely tied in a bun for a romantic night. You can also accentuate the curls by using a wide-barrel curling iron, apply a small amount of hair polish and let it hang loose. You can also have stylish curls for your crowning glory by applying a small amount of hair polish unto wet hair, pinning it in curls and blow-drying hair.

Curly Hair

Fringe is another type of hairstyle to look younger. Just like the short ‘do, it is easy to maintain and style. The short fringe or wispy bangs is trendy and it can also help cover some lines on your forehead.

Fringe Look

Long Bob or Short Crop Hairstyles For Women

Short or long? If you can’t decide, why not try a long bob? Shoulder-length hair is a good compromise if you don’t want the short ‘do yet you’re also tired of the long limp ‘do. And with the long bob, it is long enough to tie your hair back and it’s just the right short length to give it some lift.

Bob Style

Not all hairstyles for women will complement your look and not all women can sport short hair. But if you can pull it off, then you are one confident and sexy woman. The short ‘do has an allure and youthfulness to it, especially since it’s easy to maintain with a simple brush, and an on-the-go kind of styling.

Short Bob

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