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Creative and Funny Fruit Carvings

Who would have thought that fresh fruits bought from supermarkets at top malls In Manila can be made into whimsical carvings? Don’t believe us? Take a look at these fruit carvings that are way too cute to be eaten!

1. This Orange walks away. Cuteness Overload.

Very Creative Fruit Carvings

2. How about this dragon fruit owl that hugely resembles the owls in Harry Potter movies.

Very Funny Fruit Carvings

3. Or this Watermelon Dragon which reminds us of the Mortal Kombat game/movie.

Amazing Fruit Art

4. This red apple carving has stolen our heart.

Amazing Fruit Carvings

5. Our favorite Simpson character going bananas.

Fruit Carvings That Will Amaze You

6. This Kiwi Koala Bear is waiting for a hug.

Be Amazed by These Fruit Carvings

These fruit carvings are truly amazing edible art. Get in touch with the artist in you and create an astounding fruit carving of your own!

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