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Common Mistakes To Avoid in Hair Blow Drying

When it comes to drying and styling your hair, the blow dryer can be your ever-dependable friend. It’s a wonderful tool you can rely on to achieve a fabulous hair day, but it all depends on how you wield it. It looks so easy to use when we watch others style their hair with it on TV, where the model’s hair turns out looking absolutely amazing after a few twists, twirls and brushes. However, it’s an altogether different story when you try it out for yourself, and you end up wondering, ‘How do I do this thing?’

After following the instructions to a T, your hair style still looks totally different, and the probable reason is that you’re not using the blow dryer right. If you’re planning to go to a party in a Manila events place and want to perfectly recreate your favorite celebrity’s gorgeous hairstyle, then make sure to avoid these common mistakes the next time you blow dry your hair.

Vista Malls Hair Blow Drying Tips

1. Using the wrong hair brush. The right hair brush will help you dry and style your hair more easily. A rounded brush with nylon and boar bristles will help you get rid of unruly, fly-away hair, while a flat paddle nylon and boar bristle brush will help in adding volume. Avoid using metal hair brushes as they easily heat up, which can cause dryness or damage to your hair.

Mistakes to Avoid In Blow Drying Your Hair by Vista Malls

2. Blow drying when hair is too wet. Blow drying hair that is too wet may cause hair damage and breakage. It is best to dry your hair with a towel first.

3. Not realizing the importance of proper hair sectioning. Using hair clips, divide your hair into smaller sections to make blow drying a lot easier and faster.

4. Holding the blow dryer in one direction only. Moving the blow dryer from left to right, or right to left, whatever suits you, will prevent your hair from looking brittle.

5. Immediately setting your blow dryer to high heat. Hairstylists recommend that when blow drying your hair, start with low heat first to dry the roots and the hairline, then increase the setting once you reach the tips.

Mistakes to Avoid in Blow Drying Your Hair by Vista Malls

Proper use of the blow dryer will help you style your hair easily, and it will also help you maintain a healthier scalp, and of course, picture-perfect locks. Improper use, however, will make your hair brittle, dry and damaged. So, make your crowning glory look perfect by learning how to handle the blow dryer perfectly; and you’ll be ready for a weekend party at a Manila events place in no time.

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