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Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 Commercial ‘Lost Dog’ Will Make You Cry

Picture this: You went to Golden 3 Pet Supplies and Grooming Station at Evia Lifestyle Center to buy your dog his favorite treat. But when you got home, he is nowhere to be found. You searched high and low to find him. You even put up posters, gave out flyers and posted messages on your social networks so families, friends and even strangers can help you out. But you never saw your dog again. You’re left devastated and heart-broken. Can you imagine anything more awful?

The scenario above is the same reason why Budweiser Super Bowl’s new commercial became popular and viral. The video depicted how sad and painful it is for pet owners when their beloved pets stray from home.

Now, don’t tell us you didn’t get even a bit teary-eyed with that ending!

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