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Beyond Existing: Enjoying and Living Life

Without a doubt, working is important because it gives you the financial resources to pay for your basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, among others. Furthermore, it provides you that sense of dignity and self-worth because you know that you are being productive and contributing something to society. Considering that there is a relationship between job and self-worth, it can be readily deduced that the better the job or the more prestigious the position, the higher the feeling of self-worth.

While it is good to enjoy your career and feel a sense of importance because of it, you should be careful not to make it the only thing that defines who you are, or else you’d eventually spend all your waking hours working… working, and working some more.

Working nonstop and without limitations may help you climb that career ladder faster, but will make your social and personal life go downhill. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed! You were not created to spend all your time in the office; you should go beyond existing.

Producer's Market at Evia Lifestyle Center

To give yourself that much needed break, find a place where you can meet up with friends and do the things that you enjoy doing. You can have fun with your friends at the trunk sale and buy fresh produce at Evia Lifestyle Center, or dine in any of their various restaurants, or enjoy all kinds of grilled food cooked by the best grilling masters in the metropolis al fresco at Lakefront Wharf. You can also try watching a movie under the starlit night at Evia and Lakefront Boardwalk.

Sunset Grill at Lakefront Wharf

It is important to keep in mind however, that all the aforementioned activities can only be fully experienced if you make an effort to have fun and let go of all your worries and anxieties (at least for a day), and make a commitment to savor each moment. You can get one of your trusted friends to remind you every now and then about this if you find yourself thinking too much about work again. Also, it is important to believe that you deserve to have a good time and there is no need to feel guilty, imagined or otherwise.

Life is meant to be lived. You will not find satisfaction by merely “doing”; machines are meant for that but you are intended for so much more. You are not here to merely exist, but to live your life beautifully and passionately!

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