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The Benefits of Eating Together as a Family

The family is the basic unit of society and although this fact is common knowledge, its impact and significance especially at this day and age is being taken for granted. In simplistic terms, the family is the gauge of the kind of society we have, if most families are dysfunctional then it would be absurd to expect a well-adjusted or normal citizenry; on the other hand if majority of the families are intact and are getting along great, then the country would be in a better state.

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The most common problem of families nowadays is that they no longer have the time to be just that — a family. The parents are both busy working and keeping up with various social engagements outside of work while the children, especially when they are no longer in elementary school have their own activities with their peers as well. In fact, families at this day and age rarely have the chance to simply sit down and enjoy a good meal together without interruptions or constant checking of phones messages or watching television.

Unlike in the distant past wherein dining with the family is considered a special event where everybody is truly present and attentive to each other’s stories and anecdotes for the day, the modern family are more and more becoming estranged to one another to the point that real conversations have been replaced by short text messages or smiley icons.

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It is high time that eating together as a family make a comeback be it sharing box-filled with various flavors of Dunkin Donuts, or enjoying tasty dim sum from C2 Filipino Classic Cuisine or simply fighting over sumptuous cakes and pastries from Bread Talk. Several studies have been conducted in all parts of the world and they all agree that eating together as a family provides numerous benefits (beyond gastronomic) not only for the family per se but to the individual members as well, the same includes the following:

  • Children are less likely to develop eating disorders, substance abuse/dependencies, and poor eating habits.
  • Children tend to do better in academics compared to students who often eat alone or outside the home.
  • Better relationship among members of the family considering they get to share stories and have the experience of talking and being listened to.
  • The meal itself becomes more enjoyable and satisfying when shared with loved ones which translates to better digestion.
  • Children learn basic life skills like sharing, respect, compromising, and being grateful to both tangible and intangible blessings.

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The benefits above are just some of the more important things that can be received by merely eating with the family but there are more benefits that can be derived from the experience that cannot be simply measured by statistics or figures but can only be felt by the heart.