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Beauty Is Deeper Than You Think

Someone once said that to be truly beautiful, one must be comfortable in one’s own skin. And, to get to that point, one must do three things.

First, forget about the media’s definition of beauty. Know that all magazine covers, photo spreads, and billboards, to name a few, are photoshopped. Yes, necks are made longer, cheekbones higher, eyes a bit wider, legs longer and tummies flatter. Hardly any photograph used in advertising, media, and the fashion industry are untouched. Everything is altered. Do not believe everything you see. In fact, it would be best to ignore them.

Second, there is no one standard of beauty. A woman, for example, doesn’t need long, black hair; a slender figure; and, the biggest abomination of all, fair skin, to be considered beautiful. Beauty is the overall package: how one is able to carry one’s self. It is confidence that shines through. It’s a sense of being self-assured no matter what you’re wearing, no matter what your genes. It’s living up to the declaration: I Am who I Am.

This leads us to the third action, which is change your perspective from the inside out. For example, instead of focusing on moisturizers, toners and cleansers that help beautify the skin’s surface, start eating food that will help your skin change from within. The effects of eating, say, a cucumber a day is more lasting than any of the expensive moisturizers out there. Instead of starving yourself to loose weight, simply watch what you eat. Exercise. Walk. Find out what really makes you feel good. Will the joy of knowing that you can wear anything and look good, everyday, compare to the instant happiness of wolfing down a bag of chips?


In the end, beauty is about loving one’s self. Do you love yourself enough to keep your skin, your organs and your muscles happy by exercising and eating the right food? Do you love your hair enough to get a trim from David’s Salon or a treatment from Salon de Laurel? Do you value your overall wellness enough to spend a session to get rid of stress at One Spa?

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Remember that beauty will never be found in a bottle, but in one’s own heart. So let the heart shine through. And the first step in doing that, is starting your day, everyday, with a heartfelt "Thank you."

We guarantee that you’ll see a huge difference in your life.