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Affordable Boyfriend Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Instead of just scouring the shops in the mall for a gift you can give your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, why not give him something non-material, such as an experience, or even just try making something for him yourself? Your boyfriend will surely appreciate all your effort, and you’ll get to save some money as well. But what do-it-yourself (DIY) project can you make for your boyfriend this Valentine’s? Here are some boyfriend gift ideas.

If you’ve just started dating, these gift ideas would be perfect.

1. Show him your baking skills by whipping up some heart-shaped cookies.

heart-shaped cookies

2. Try making your own couple shirts or have them customized, and surprise him with what will be written on them.

couple shirts

3. Pillows are pretty easy to make, and you can have them say whatever cheesy or sweet words you’d like.

DIY pillows

If you’ve been dating for a while, say a year or two, these gift ideas are perfect for your man.

1. Gift him with a spa package. You’ll be joining him so you get to relax as well!

spa package

2. Surprise him with tickets to the concert of his favorite band. You’ll be his date, of course!

concert tickets

3. Give his car a good wash. You guys can have some fun playing around with the water and foam, too!

car wash

If you have other boyfriend gift ideas, we would like to hear it.

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