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About Vista Malls

Vista Malls: Who We Are.

At Vista malls, we aim to make the experience of shopping an engaging and enjoyable one.

We bring the shopping experience right where the customers are, near existing and growing residential, mixed-use communities, thus eliminating such problems of high-density mall competitors as congestion, parking and horrendous traffic. Our aim is convenience. Our locations are strategic. Our lifestyle and town centers are designed and molded to be assimilative to its home environment and themed to create an engaging, meaningful, and worthwhile experience that customers can easily relate, and come back, to day in and day out.

We place our malls above the rest of the competition. Vista malls differentiates itself from the alienating, modern box malls, where retail locators as well as their consumers are detached, by developing a more integrated, park-like, family-oriented setting. We believe that shopping centers should be fun!

We invite you to experience shopping, entertainment and convenience like no other malls provide.

Vista Malls: Who Our Market Is.

We believe that our malls must be relatable to the market it serves, thus whether you belong to the A, B or broad C market, our centers cater to your demographic, your location.

Our business model is dynamic and agile. We combine free-standing retail pads and air-conditioned shopping buildings with landscaped, outdoor food and shopping spaces. This structure provides us the flexibility to expand easily, re-invent ourselves, and even lower unnecessary utility costs by having a good ratio of outdoor and indoor air-conditioned spaces. As much as we cater to present consumer needs, we plan, build and anticipate the demands and changing needs in the future.

We want to remain relevant to the market, aiming for the longevity of the business and its continuing growth.