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9 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Living far away or working abroad is no longer a valid excuse for not being able to give your loved ones a special gift on Valentine’s day. With so many shopping malls and online shops to choose from, it’s now easy to send gift to Philippines for your loved ones. Here are nine gifts you can give them this Heart’s Day.

Find Gifts at Online Stores

Buying gifts from online stores can actually save you a lot of time and money. Just make sure that the online shop you want to buy from is legit before you pay or provide them with your credit card details.

1. Buy your mom or girlfriend her favorite bouquet of flowers from a reputable online flower shop. Sending flowers is a timeless tradition of showing how much you care.


2. Order your loved ones a beautiful cake from a trusted online cake shop. And then have the cake delivered to their home.


3. Send gift to Philippines by checking out websites that specialize in gift baskets. Choose one which will include your loved one’s favorite goodies and have them delivered to his/her place.

gift basket

4. If your husband or boyfriend is a basketball or concert fanatic, book him tickets online. Be sure to buy two tickets so he can take a friend or a family member if you’re not available to accompany him.

concert tickets

5. For your special someone, you can order a gift online that comes with a pair, such as coffee mugs or pillows. Have them customized with designs or messages that are connected with one another. Keep one for yourself and send him/her the other one.

couple pillows

couple mugs

Buy Gifts at Vista Malls Alabang

If online shopping is not your thing, you can find tons of gift ideas from malls.

1. Buy a piece of jewelry that your special someone will like. Ask the jeweler to engrave it with both of your initials and then have a reliable courier deliver it to his/her place.

couple jewelry

2. Get a gift certificate for a spa treatment at a mall so that your special someone can pamper his/her senses for a day.

gift certificates

3. If you want to send gift to Philippines and let your loved ones know that you love them no matter where they are, then get them a shirt with an LDR quote that shows how much they mean to you!

LDR shirt

message shirt

4. Gift your loved one with a digital photo frame. You can fill it with photos from your daily life or of the times that you and your loved one has spent together.

digital photo frame

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