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8 Cool and Amazing Things You Can Do With Balloons

Balloons are great decorations for parties and festivities. But there are also many other fun ways to use them. Here are eight balloon ideas you could try.

1. Create cute drum sets for your toddlers

Your kids will surely enjoy playing with these colorful drum sets.

Balloon Drums

2. Make a floating gift bag

Push gifts or money inside a balloon along with some confetti then inflate the balloon with helium before tying it off.

Balloon Packages

3. Keep your drinks cold

Fill balloons with water and freeze them. Use them to cool drinks and drinks stay chilled for hours. Perfect for parties.

Balloon Coolers

4. Glam up your vases

Enough of those boring vases. Try colorful balloon-covered vases instead.

Balloon Vases

5. Color code your mason jars.

Multicolored, balloon-dipped mason jars would make great decorations for your kitchen.

Balloon Jars

6. Make cute party invitations

Have your friends and family guess what the celebration is all about by blowing this balloon invite.

Balloon Invites

7. Have a Balloon Fight

Fill your balloons with water or non-toxic paint and you’re all set for one fun balloon fight!

Balloon Fight

8. Create stunning LED balloon lights

Instead of using candlelight for a dinner date, try balloons with LED lights bulbs inside them.

Balloon Lights

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