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7 Foods That Will Bring Luck For The New Year

Just a few more hours and it’s already 2016! If you’re at malls in Manila shopping for the New Year celebration, make sure to grab these seven food items that are not only delicious, they’re also believed to bring prosperity and good luck.

1. Malagkit
Pinoy delicacies made from malagkit (glutinous or sticky rice) like sapin-sapin, cassava cake, biko and ube halaya are served so that good fortune will stick around throughout the year.


2. Pasta/Noodles
Spaghetti or pansit has always been a Filipino food staple for every occasion and are considered as symbols of long life.



3. Pork
Pigs are believed to bring luck because they are rotund and root forward, which represent prosperity and progress.


4. Round Foods
Round foods like cakes and donuts which can be bought in malls in Manila are symbols of the year coming full circle.



5. Fruits
Eating twelve grapes (which represent the twelve months of the year) is said to bring luck for the coming year. Round fruits like oranges are also believed to symbolize coins and represent good luck and wealth.


6. Green Veggies
Vegetables are also eaten on New Year’s Day because when cooked, they resemble crumpled money.


7. Fish
Fish are considered lucky because their scales symbolize coins, and they swim forward which symbolize progress.


Be sure to serve all these lucky kinds of food so that good fortune will come your way this year. Happy New Year!

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