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6 Ways To Make Lunch Boxes Fun

There are many ways you can make lunch boxes exciting for your kids. Here are some cool tips on how to personalize your kids’ meals and make them eager to open their lunch boxes.

1. Napkins as colorful wrappers
These colorful napkins, which you can buy at any of the shopping malls in Manila, Philippines, are best for wrapping sandwiches and eating utensils.

How to Make Lunch Boxes Fun

2. Sweet and Inspiring Lunch Box Notes
Your kids will be delighted to find sweet little notes from you in their lunch boxes. This will definitely make them feel special and loved.

Making Lunch Boxes Fun

3. Message Board Lunchbox
Just like the notes, you can scribble reminders or inspiring messages on this lunch box board.

Fun Lunch Boxes

4. Sandwich Cutters
Cut your bread with these cutters to create cute sandwiches your kids will surely enjoy.

Great Lunch Boxes

5. Bento Boxes
Bento boxes contain a variety of food like fruits, veggies and small treats. These are a great way to provide a balance of colors, flavors and texture in your child’s meals.

How to Make Your Kid's Lunch Box Fun

6. Milk Jug Lunchbox
Create this adorable lunch box with a plastic milk jug, a button and some sewing skills. You can also let your kids help you finish this with their artwork or drawings.

Making a Fun Lunch Box

These are great ideas for lunch boxes. Your kids will surely enjoy eating more when they know you’ve prepared their baon with lots of treats and of course, lots of love!

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