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6 Fun Family Activities To Do This Summer

What can you do to make this summer unforgettable for you and your family? Sure, vacations are wonderful, but what else can you do that won’t break much of your budget? Here are six family activities you can do this summer that won’t make a huge dent on your purse.

1. Movie Marathon
Watch movie after movie on your laptop or flat screen TV while eating fruits and drinking ice cold beverages to beat the summer heat.

Summer Family Activities by Vista Malls

2. Ice Cream Delight
Turn your home into an ice cream shop by serving two or more flavors of ice cream and all of the toppings that you bought at Vista Malls. Let your kids have fun concocting their own ice cream specialties.

Summer Activities for Families

3. Car Wash
Washing the family car is a great way to do a chore and bond with family members at the same time. A few rugs, a bucket full of soap and a water hose will have everyone laughing in no time while getting the car squeaky clean. Everyone loves helping out during a car wash and when someone’s not using the hose, they can play in the puddles.

Summer Activities for the Family by Vista Malls

4. Barbecue Dinner
One of the most memorable summer activities that you can have is cooking barbecue with your family. Classic food like burgers, hotdogs, kebab and meat are easy to cook and and can please even picky eaters. Invite other relatives for added conversation and laughter. These memories will last a lifetime.

Family Summer Activities

5. Picnic
Grab a basket or a bag and fill it with easy summer treats like fruits and juice boxes. Take a walk or a drive to a shady park and enjoy a picnic lunch under the tree with your family.

Fun Activities for the Family this Summer

6. Do some DIY projects
There are all kinds of DIY projects you can undertake with your family such as making picture frames, pencil holders or key holders. This is a great way to introduce art to your children. You can visit AllHome at Paseo Lifestyle Center for all your DIY materials.

Activities for the Family this Summer

What fun activities do you have planned for your family this summer?

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