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6 Books to Watch Out for This 2015

We love reading books. We simply can’t get enough of them, especially those graphic novels from Powerbooks at Evia Lifestyle Center. They’re a great way to entertain and relax the mind. And this year, we found six new great titles you can add in your bookshelves.

1. All Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Fans of John Green will surely love this book. It ‘s about a boy named Theodore, who is obsessed with death, and his blossoming friendship with Violet, a free-spirited girl who can’t wait to graduate and skip town after the tragic death of her sister. Expected Release: January 2015

Vista Malls Powerbook All Bright Places

2. Playlist For The Dead by Michelle Falkoff
Sam tries to solve the mystery behind his best friend Hayden’s suicide by using the playlist and the note his friend left behind. Expected Release: January 2015

Vista Malls Powerbook Playlist For The Dead

3. Sweetland by Michael Crummey
The story is about a small island community in Newfoundland whose residents was offered by the government a generous resettlement package on a condition that they leave the island. Moses Sweetland, who lived his whole life in the island opposed and decided to stay. Expected Release: January 19, 2015

Vista Malls Powerbook at Evia Lifestyle Center Sweetland

4. Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman
The third collection of short fiction from the #1 bestselling author Neil Gaiman. Expected Release: February 3, 2015

Vista Malls Powerbook Trigger Warning

5. Duplicity by NK Traver
Brandon is a 17-year old computer expert who likes to hack other people’s bank accounts. But strange occurrences begin to happen when his own reflection in the mirror start to move on its own. Expected Release: March 2015

Vista Malls Powerbook Duplicity

6. Things We Know by Jessi Kirby
This teen romance revolves around Quinn Sullivan, who falls for the recipient of her boyfriend’s heart.

Vista Malls Powerbook Things We Know

Be sure to grab a copy of these books when they come out in bookstores in any shopping malls in Philippines.

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