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5 Great Outdoor Activities For You and Your Kids

Though summer vacation may be over, who says you can’t still enjoy the outdoors with your kids? During the weekends, instead of letting your kids play games on their gadgets or watch tv all day long, or just stay indoors or go to the mall, why not go outside and play some of these games you and your family will surely enjoy!

Water Fight
A water fight is a safe and fun game for you and your kids. Plus, it’s definitely refreshing on hot days!

Fun Outdoor Games by Vista Malls

Water Slide
It doesn’t take much more than a water hose and a plastic tarp or old shower curtain to create your own backyard water slide.

Fun Outdoor Games for the Family

Bubble Blowing
Make some dish soap bubbles; sit outside and set those bubbles free!

Outdoor Games Your Family Will Enjoy

Kite Flying
This is a fun activity to do on a windy afternoon. It’s even more fun when you make the kite yourself or with your kids. You can buy the materials needed for kite-making in the Little Town School and Office Supply at Lakefront Boardwalk.

Fun Outdoor Games

Backyard Camping
Let your kids enjoy nature by camping outside the house at night. You can stargaze with them or tell them funny campfire stories while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Fun Outdoor Games for Your Kids

We sure hope you have a grand time doing these outdoor activities with your kids!
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