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5 Coffee Summer Coolers

If you are a coffee lover, chances are you still would want to have coffee even on a hot day. This summer, you can have chilled coffee as an alternative instead. And we’ve found five super delicious coffee coolers that not only provide you with your much needed caffeine fix, but also lets you cool down on these unbearably hot months.

1. Toasted Coconut Coffee Smoothie
With toasted coconut and coconut milk, this creamy, caffeinated smoothie makes for a perfect morning pick-me up.

Coffee Coolers for Summer by Vista Malls

2. White Chocolate Dream
One sip of this ice blended coffee sensation from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Evia Lifestyle Center is enough to keep that blazing heat at bay.

Summer Coffee Coolers by Vista Malls

3. Coffee Soda Float
This double caffeine drink topped with vanilla ice cream is the perfect boost on a lazy, sweltering afternoon.

Vista Malls Coffee Coolers for Summer

4. Cookies and Cream Ice Blended Coffee
Bring out the child in you with this rich, caffeine and cookie filled treat that will keep you cool all summer long.

Summer Coffee Coolers

5. Irish Affogato
On warm evenings, you can make your own Affogato by pouring espresso or instant coffee over a glass of Vanilla ice cream. Spike it with a little liquor for that Irish treatment.

Summer Coffee by Vista Malls

Get your caffeine fix in the coolest way!

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