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10 Things You Can Do With Your Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters used to be just part of your baking supplies Philippines. But nowadays, there are many unexpected things you can do with them and you’ll be surprised to find out that these little tools can come in handy.

1. Use cookie cutters to make heart-shaped marshmallows
Putting heart-shaped marshmallows on your love ones’ hot chocolate is just a cute way to show you care.

Marshmallow Cookie Cutter Cut-outs

2. Or awesome pancakes
Take your cookie cutter and other baking supplies Philippines and get ready to make awesome pancakes your family will love.

Cookie Cutter Cut-outs

3. You can also use it to create Rice Krispy treat pops.
Rice Krispy treats cut into fun shapes are a wonderful delight for kids.

Cute Cut-outs

4. Or for your fruit salad
Make your fruit salad exciting with cookie cutter watermelon shapes.

Fruit Cut-outs

5. Use cookie cutters on brownies
Mix those baking supplies Philippines to create a yummy dessert that everyone will love. Brownies with toppings cut in cute shapes are so much fun.

Brownie Cut-outs

6. Create cute candles
Show your DIY prowess and make pretty candles using cookie cutters.

Candle Cut-outs

7. Cookie cutters can be transformed into pincushions too
All you need is a Styrofoam, fabric scraps and glue to make this nifty project.

Pin Cushion Cut-outs

8. Make ankle cuffs out of them
Cookie cutters can be stylish accessories, too.

DIY Cookie Cutter Stuff

9. Fancy napkin holders
Use cookie cutters as napkin rings for a festive party.

Cookie Cutters as Napkin Holders

10. Or to make adorable ornaments
You can also use cookie cutters to cut clay and dough to make creative ornaments.

Fun Cookie Cutter Stuff

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