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10 Rainy Day Pictures That Will Make You Smile

After the scorching-hot days of summer, the rain definitely seems like a refreshing, soothing and welcome gift. With the weather a lot colder, things are also a lot cozier, and even more romantic. Here are ten rainy day pictures to remind you how sweet and beautiful life can be with a little rain.

1. Remember those times that you and your friends ‘raced’ paper boats?

Rainy Days by Vista Malls

2. Remember how you played in the rain when you were a kid?

Rainy Day Memories

3. Sharing an umbrella with a friend is sweet.

Rainy Day Moments

4. That soft touch of rain on our skin.

Things We Love About The Rain

5. Watching rain puddles makes us happy.

Rainy Day Scenes

6. Reading books while sipping hot coffee or tea on a rainy day makes us even happier.

Rainy Day Activities

7. Why is it so romantic when it’s raining?

Rainy Day Romance

8. Rain gives life to all those things around us.

Rainy Day Beauty

9. So cute!

Rainy Day Cuteness

10. We all love the rain for different reasons.

Rainy Day Scenes

These rainy day pictures sure flooded us with lots of beautiful memories. Enjoy the rainy days ahead!

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