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10 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas For Family and Friends

Spread holiday cheer with these ten homemade gifts you could make or put together for your family and friends.

1. Photo coasters. Have a friend or loved one who loves coffee and photos? Then this is definitely one of those great Christmas gift ideas for them.

homemade Christmas gift ideas
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2. Gift Wrap Caddy. Your crafty friends will love this handy kit that’ll help wrap gifts elegantly.

homemade gift ideas for Christmas
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3. Handmade Candles. They will surely remember you whenever they light up these decorative candles.

Christmas gift ideas
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4. Cupcake Onesies. Great present for moms and their little bundle of joy.

cute cupcake onesies Christmas gifts
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5. Cookies. Satisfy their sweet tooth with your own baked goodies!

Christmas gift cookies
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6. Handmade soaps. These creamy cleansers are not only a thoughtful gift, but also very useful.

handmade soaps Christmas gifts
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7. Chic Pouch Bag. A cute accessory for your fashionista friend. All you need is a handful of zippers and a little sewing skill.

homemade chic pouch bags for Christmas
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8. Candy Topiary. One delicious treat for your inaanak, friends or family who are chocolate lovers.

candy topiary Christmas gift
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9. Spa in a Jar. Perfect for those who love to go to spa. Now they can have a relaxing spa treatment at home.

spa in a jar Christmas gift idea
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10. Personalized necklace or bracelets. Make any picture timeless by creating these lovely necklaces or bracelets. Use your own creativity to make it special and personalized.

handmade and personalized necklace as Christmas gift
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